Health and safety
Checks electrical ground

The Presidential Decree No. 462/01, entered into force on 23/01/2002, establishes the obligation of the Employer to submit to periodic systems grounded company.
The Legislative Decree no. 81/08 art. 87 reiterates this obligation.
The checks, provided with a period of two or five years, are:

1) electrical and earthing;
2) equipment to lightning protection;
3) equipment installed in places at risk of explosion;
It is useful t remember  that this requirement is an obligation of the Employer, not the owner of the property / site in which there is held by the employee.
Today again, the persons authorized to carry out periodic checks are the bodies authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development and the ASL and ARPA territorial.
The C.M.L. Vesuvio srl in collaboration with Bodies authorized service offers verification under Presidential Decree on 462/2001.

In case of non-compliance with legal obligations envisaged by DPR 462/01, the Employer or legal representative responds criminally and civilly failure to perform the checks referred to in the case of injury attributable to such failure.
In addition, Article. 87 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08 no sanctioning the employer for the non-operation of the periodic checks required by law by Presidential Decree 462/01 and the lack of verbal control of electrical and lightning protection (administrative sanction fine from 750 to 2500 euro).
The Employer, yet, is sanctioned by art. 68 if the plants are not subject to regular maintenance (arrest from three to six months or a fine of 2,000 to 10,000 Euros, paragraph 1 point b) for the application methods are valid, therefore, the procedures laid down by Legislative Decree. N. 758/94.