Occupational medicine

The C.M.L. Vesuvio srl is specialized in occupational medicine for land and maritime sector, operating nationally and internationally in public and private sector with ten years experience.

Thanks to our professionals organization and our experience, we provide operational support lean and dynamic to meet all business needs.


The company is set up, through its competent technicians, to issue the following certifications:

1) Certification of eligibility for the specific task for Health workers under the Legislative Decree no. 81/08, as amended;

2) Certification of Health suitability for the specific task for seafarers under the Legislative Decree no. 271/99;

and, in the person of Dr. Giuseppe Cascone to release:


3) Certification of suitability for Health workers on offshore platforms;

4) Certification of suitability Health for the State of Namibia;

5) Certification of suitability Health OGUK (EX UKOOA);

6) Certification of suitability Health OLF;

7) Certification of suitability SJOFARS Health;

8) Certification of suitability Health for the State of Australia;

9) Certification of physical fitness standards OPITO.


Health Surveillance is carried out directly at your plant operational.


The C.M.L. Vesuvio Srl, is equipped with mobile units equipped for health services directly to the corporate offices throughout the country, with considerable savings in terms of costs and productivity, alternatively visits can be conducted at our operational headquarters in Naples and Nola or at the facilities with us convention spread all over the country every day during office hours and on Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00.

The C.M.L. Vesuvio Srl, will follow you step by step implementation of all mandatory procedures provided for by law with regard to job security.







Appointment of the Company Doctor;

Sanitary and risk protocol;

Health Surveillance - Medical suitability for the specific task (Mobile Units Operating and affiliated medical centers throughout the national territory);

Judgment of suitability for specific tasks;

Preparation and management of medical records and risk;

Alcoltests of saliva, breath and blood tests anti drugs on urine or hair;

Inspection Company Doctor in the establishment; 

Drug tests on urine and blood for the detection of metabolites of environmental pollutants;

Medical and legal advice for occupational diseases and accidents at work;

Health Surveillance Art. 41. Legislative Decree 81/2008


Health surveillance is the assessment of the 'specific suitability of the worker to work task through determination of the health of the worker by the risk that his/her job entails.

The assessment includes preventive controls (made either before the 'assumption that before the change of duties) and periodic (performed at time intervals) and consist of a clinical examination (medical examination) and diagnostic investigations. Those findings are evaluated in order to verify the absence of contraindications to the job position in which the subject is intended, in order to assess the 'suitability of the subject itself.

The periodic health examination, including clinical and biological and diagnostic tests targeted deemed necessary by the medical officer. They are aimed at the verification of the absence of alcohol dependence and use of psychotropic substances and narcotics.

The results of health surveillance are attached to medical files and risk.