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8/26/2015 - New Code for fire prevention

It was released on August 20 in the Official Gazette no. 192 - Suppl. No ordinary. 51 - Decree of the Minister of the Interior August 3, 2015 on the "Approval of technical standards for fire prevention, pursuant to art. 15 of Legislative Decree 8 March 2006, n. 139".
The long-awaited measure aims to simplify and rationalize the current body of law on the prevention of fires through the introduction of a single text, organic and systematic, containing provisions applicable to many of the activities subject to fire prevention inspections, indicated in Annex I to the Decree of the President of the Republic on August 1, 2011, no. 151.The decree, which comes into force on the 90th day after the date of publication in the Official Journal, is made up of five articles and a substantial technical annex. Article 2 of the decision sets out in detail the activities which will be applied the new legislation, as an alternative to the specific provisions for fire prevention; while art. 3 focuses on the use of products for fire-fighting and the art. 4 deals with monitoring the application of technical standards.
The Annex 1, which is forming a part of the decree, is divided into four sections:

Section G General: showing the basic principles for the design of fire safety, equally applicable to the different activities;
• Section S Strategy Fire: describes the set of all fire-fighting measures of prevention, protection and management applicable to the different activities, to reduce fire's risk ;
• Section V Technical rules vertical: it contains the rules of fire prevention techniques applicable to specific activities or sectors of them, whose technical measures are complementary or supplementary to those provided for in the general section "Strategy Fire". This section will be implemented in time with the technical regulations relating to other activities;

• Section M Methods: describes the design methodologies.


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